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John Livingston PG 00011989 Bill Banting PG 0002Yuri Dojc, Photographer, Documentarian PG 0003Albert Diato and Wife PG 0004Amish Woman on Train PG 0005Anne Hollander PG 0033Anne Hollander PG 0006Anne Michaels and Rebecca PG 0007Arley Bondarin PG 0008Arley Bondarin 1968 PG 0009Beth PG 0010Bill Banting PG 0011Bill Banting 0012Bill Banting, 1989 PG 0013Bubby Kettlewell PG 0014Dr. Hoyle Campbell PG 0015Charlotte Johnson-Wahl PG 0016Charlotte Johnson-Wahl PG 0017PG 0018PG 0019